NYS Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form | How to Apply

NYS Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form: Are you in search of how to apply for the Kenya National Youth Service? when to apply, and where to apply for the National Youth Service. This article explains in detail how to apply for the Kenya National Youth Service and what you need to do. The National Youth Service is calling on all eligible candidates and interested people in the Republic to help them find NYS volunteers.

The National Youth Service (NYS) is an establishment controlled by the government of Kenya. It was set up in 1964 to teach young people about things that are important to the country. After the Kenyan parliament passed the NYS act, 2018, in 2019, the organization went from being a state department to being a full-fledged, semi-autonomous state corporation.

NYS Application Requirements 2023/2024

The following requirements must be met by anyone who wants to join the army:

  • You must be a Kenyan citizen and live in the County where you will be recruited.
  • Must get a medical exam during and after the application process.
  • Be ready to do free work for the country in any part of Kenya.
  • Get ready to do a lot of hard physical training.
  • Show the original national ID card and academic certificates
  • Must have a Good Conduct Certificate
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 24. (both ages inclusive).
  • Get a mean grade of D or higher on the KCSE.


  • Orphans who meet the requirements listed above will be given special consideration if they can show enough proof, such as their parents’ death certificates or burial permits.
  • People with disabilities are also encouraged to join the recruitment process in their own sub-counties and centers, as long as they are physically strong enough to handle the training.

How to Apply for the NYS Recruitment

Candidates who are qualified should follow these steps to send in their applications;

  • Visit the website official website.
  • Just on the menu bar, select “job vacancies.”.
  • Download the positions that are open.
  • When you find one you like, go back to the portal and carefully fill out the application form.
  • Put up all the necessary details.
  • Check your information, and if everything looks good, click “submit.

To avoid making mistakes while applying, you should stay up-to-date, apply on time, and make sure you have read all the requirements and guidelines.

After applying for NYS Recruitment, it is important to check the status of your application regularly to ensure that it has been received and is being processed. You may also need to complete additional steps such as taking a written test or participating in an interview. It is important to follow any instructions provided by the NYS Recruitment agency and to respond promptly to any requests for additional information or documentation. If you are selected for the position, you will typically be notified and will need to complete any necessary paperwork and background checks.

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